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Many of the Allstar products are directly compatible with Allstar, Allister and Pulsar brands. These include replacement garage door opener radio controls such as remote transmitter, radio receiver, wireless keyless entry keypad and some replacement parts. If you need a part that is not listed, please contact us and we can check its price and availability for you. The Allstar Classic is an ideal replacement remote control for the older versions of code switch remotes with 1, 2 or 3 buttons that were manufactured by Allstar, Allister, Pulsar, Heddolf, GTO, and Mighty Mule. The MVP series of radio receivers can accept either the MVP remote control or the older code switch remote control from Allstar, Allister and Pulsar. Allstar is now a division of Linear Corporation. Please check the operating frequency of your existing controls, as they were available in different frequencies.

Carper by Sirius

Carper by Sirius manufactures high quality key chain remotes and radio receivers that are compatible with some of the major brands such as Multi-Code, Linear Delta3, Moore-O-Matic, Allstar, Allister, Pulsar, Heddolf, GTO, Mighty Mule, Genie, BlueMax. These are high quality key chain remotes that are compact and extremely durable and feature a built-in key light. The Carper key chain brand of remotes are an excellent choice as an additional or replacement key chain version gate or garage door opener remote control transmitter.


Chamberlain Corporation


Clicker is now owned by Chamberlain Corporation.


Digi-Code manufactures digital radio controls are directly compatible with the Multi-Code 300MHz frequency models and the Stanley 310MHz models of remote controls and radio receivers with 10 DIP on/off code switches. Note: The Stanley versions are not compatible with the Stanley Secure Code system. Digi-Code controls are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Domino Engineering

Domino Engineering



GTO Mighty Mule

Heddolf by Keystone

The Heddolf brand of remote controls are manufactured by Keystone Engineering. Heddolf makes remotes that are compatible with many of the name brand code switch versions of remote controls such as Allstar, Allister, Pulsar, Overhead Doors, Multi-Code, LiftMaster, Genie, Stanley, ESP Micon, GTO, Mighty Mule. These Heddolf brand of remotes have excellent stability and provide for maximum range and performance.


LiftMaster is the professional dealer product line division of Chamberlain Corporation who is the world’s largest manufacturer of gate and garage door opener products. The Chamberlain brand of products are from the do-it-yourself product line that is typically sold through home improvement retailers. Chamberlain is also the actual manufacturer of the Sears Craftsman garage door opener products. The LiftMaster brand of products offers a more complete product line and they are also compatible with the Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain, Master Mechanic, Do-It, Access Master and a few other private labeled brands.

Linear Delta3

Linear MegaCode


Multi-Code by Linear

Overhead Doors

Sears Craftsman


Stanley Compatible Radio Controls - by Linear Corporation. Linear Corporation now manufactures under license the Stanley compatible remotes under is Multi-Code brand name. Stanley is no longer in the gate or garage door opener business. Note: Some of the later models of Stanley Garage door openers used remotes that are on the 300Mhz frequency and were typically Multi-Code. Check the back of the remote to see which frequency it is on. If it is 300, then it is the Multi-Code version and not the older Stanley versions listed below. For the 300Mhz models, use the Multi-Code remotes that are on 300Mhz.


The TriCode remote control products are manufactured by Chamberlain Corporation and are directly compatible with the Multi-Code, Stanley, Linear Delta3 and Moore-O-Matic code switch formats of radio control receivers commonly used on many gated entrances. These remotes and receivers feature a 10 DIP switch code setting switch bank and a separate brand selector switch allowing them to be easily change from one brand to another. The multi-channel controls will even allow for different brands to be set for different channels at the same time. Remotes4Less always offers you the best price and quantity discounts on all of the products we sell as well as providing technical support preferably via email and full manufactures warranty.

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