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LiftMaster 58LM 41A4202A Chamberlain 945CB 41A4251-3A Sears Craftsman 41A4086-1 41A4086A Wall Panel
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Product ID: 58LM


LiftMaster 58LM garage door opener wall control panel same as 41A4202A, Chamberlain 945CB part number 41A4251-3A and Sears Craftsman 41A4086-1 or 41A4086A.

Price: US $15.07
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LiftMaster 59LM Garage Door Opener Key Activated Switch Chamberlain 760CB Sears Craftsman 139.53703
Product ID: 59LM


LiftMaster 59LM garage door opener key activated switch same as Chamberlain 760CB Sears Craftsman 139.53703. Works with all garage door openers.

Price: US $10.95
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LiftMaster 75LM Illuminated Garage Door Push Button
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Product ID: 75LM


LiftMaster 75LM Illuminated Standard Garage Door Wall Control Push Button Part Number 41A4166 Works with Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman, Master Mechanic, Access Master, Wayne Dalton, Steel Craft and several other private labeled brands made by Chamberlain Corp.

Price: US $4.44
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LiftMaster 78LM Security+ wall Control 41A5273-1 Chamberlain 945CB 41A5273-2 Sears Craftsman 139.53687
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Product ID: 78LM


LiftMaster 78LM garage door opener wall control panel part number 41A5273-1 is compatible with Chamberlain 945CB part number 41A5273-2 and Sears Craftsman 139.53687, 00953687000 for security+ garage door openers.

Price: US $13.65
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LiftMaster 85LM Radio Receiver Plug-In AC Power Adaptor
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Product ID: 85LM


LiftMaster 85LM Plug-in AC Power Adapter Ideal For Use With LiftMaster 535LM, 355LM, 412HM, 312HM, 422LM, 423LM, 350LM Radio Receivers When Receiver Power Is Not Readily Available.

Price: US $9.77
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LiftMaster 86LM F-Connector Remote Antenna Mounting Kit
Product ID: 86LM


LiftMaster 86LM radio receiver remote antenna mounting kit with 15 feet coaxial cable with F-connectors and antenna mounting bracket. Ideal for use with radio receivers that have the F-connector type antenna typically used on gate openers when a remote antenna is needed to improve the remote control signal reception and extend the range. Works with all brands of radio receivers that use a standard F-connector type antenna.

Price: US $19.08
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Linear TF524 Radio Receiver AC Power Adapter 120 VAC to 24 Volt AC @ 50 mA For Powering Garage Door Or Gate Opener Receivers AAE00010
Product ID: TF524


The Linear model TF524 AC power adapter is ideal to use as an alternative power source for gate and garage door opener radio receivers when proper power is not available. Provides 24 volts AC @ 50mA that is sufficient to power most radio receivers Linear part number AAE00010.
Note: Will only work with USA style 120 volt power outlets.

Price: US $5.45
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