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Allstar 104078 Wireless Code Switch Keypad TK3500 9931WKE 318MHz
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Price: US$33.92
Allstar 110927 MVP Wireless Keypad 318MHz
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Price: US$24.65
Stanley STAKP 2986 Code Switch Wireless Keypad 310MHz

Price: US$27.60
LiftMaster 377LM Wireless Keypad Security+ 315MHz
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Price: US$31.14
377MAX LiftMaster Wireless Keypad For Opener With Green Red Purple Yellow Button
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Price: US$33.54
LiftMaster 387LM Universal Wireless Keypad
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Price: US$31.14
Multi-Code 4200 Wireless Keypad For 10 DIP Code Switch 300MHz MSC420001 420001 Multi-Elmac

Price: US$25.08
Digi-Code 5200 Wireless Keypad Multi-Code 4200 MSC420001 Compatible

Price: US$26.59
Digi-Code 5202 Wireless Keypad Stanley 2986 MSC298601 Ciompatible

Price: US$26.59
Linear Delta3 DTKP Wireless Keypad 310MHz DNT00062 Moore-O-Matic

Price: US$28.44
Domino GD-1 Wired Garage Door Keypad
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Price: US$32.76
Linear MDTK MegaCode Wireless Keypad 318MHz DNT00058

Price: US$22.04